Hiking, climbing, biking, caving, canyoning, Nordic walk, Treasure hunt, Via corda, Multi-activity tour

We are the multi-activity tours’ specialists, Crete is our favourite playground

We organize for you a circuit lasting 3 to 4 hours during which several open-air activities are on offer.

A more technical outing for those willing to learn the basics of rock climbing

On a pre-fitted cliff, learn rope techniques, how to belay, how to abseil, how to move safely on the rock.

We have set up for you a vertical sensation route near HANIA

A small mountain course where fixed ropes have been installed to ensure absolute safety.

Nordic walking is more dynamic than conventional walking

The simple principle is to accentuate the natural motion of walking by propelling oneself with poles.

In the Spring or in the Autumn, discover an aquatic canyon

We invite you to discover the most beautiful aquatic canyons of the island including the famous HA and ARVI, which are among the most beautiful canyons of Europe.

We make available for rent our new fleet of latest generation electric mountain bikes

We can take you on an excursion or you can choose to discover our routes with GPS assistance.

We offer a variety of themed games whose only ambition is to help you discover secret places we have selected for you. 

These games' only ambition is to show you secret places we have selected for you.