Who are we ?

Crète Horizon is a receptive agency, travel specialist in Greece

Crète Horizon is a company specialised in nature discovery and outdoor sports. Adventure, leisure, sports, relax, family outings.

We know Greece intimately. Whatever your ambitions, desires, age, we always have the ideal excursion to offer!

Fabrice MOLLE
Fabrice MOLLE

Climbing, canyoning, caving instructor
Fabrice has been an outdoor sports professional since 1984. He trained at the national outdoor center in Vallon Pont d'Arc, in Ardèche (France) where he gained his diplomas of climbing caving instructor, mountain guide, and sports instructor. He has participated in many international expeditions: ascent of CERRO TORRE (Chilean Patagonia) in 1983, ascent of NOSE (Yosemite) in 1986 and Kayak expeditions in Chile, Costa Rica and Portugal.

Fabrice equips numerous climbing routes in the South of France. His life is all about nature and sport. His ambition: to share his passions, make people discover nature and raise public awareness for its protection. "Every day when I walk on its surface, I thank this land, its beauty and its diversity. Use of a rope, a kayak, a caving lamp or ice crampons, only allows me to further my curiosity." About fifteen years ago, Fabrice encountered Greece where everything is yet to be discovered, climbing as far as the eyes can see, caves everywhere, hospitable people, a rare freedom ... His love for Grece motivates him to create, with Fabienne, his own guide company CRETE HORIZON / Come share our horizon.

guide Fabienne
Fabienne MARION

Nordic Walking / Montain bike
The odds are high for you to speak with Fabienne when you call, for not only is she an accomplished sportswoman, but also we praise her organizational and computer skills. She knows well the range of activities we offer for she helped us set it up. Fabienne is our benchmark in Nordic walking and mountain biking. She is an adventurous spirit in nature from a very young age.

"Zebulon (Jack in the box) is my nickname I owe to my high school friends probably because of a boundless energy that keeps me keep moving. I feel really comfortable on a bike or on skis, under a flying wing, hanging from a rope, in a river or underground. Fanatic of wide spaces, the outdoor life this is simply my reason for being. I can’t wait to share my experiences and help you discover Greece my way. Feel free to talk with me, there's a good chance that we’ll find together the perfect adventure for you. Then relax, follow me, I promise you an unforgettable time. The only risk is that you no longer will want to leave the island...»

Miscellaneous Information

To protect the environment and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, local travel is with electric mountain bikes.
Prices do not include personal insurance. We can provide a daily insurance if necessary.

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